The new york pass – February 2018

January 29, 2018

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What is the New York Pass coupon and how is it used?

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The New York Pass is a voucher that is designed for tourist granting them free access to more than 70 New York City attractions at its price. The passes are for a day to week for both adults as well as children. You will save over $60 each day if you make use of this pass. The New York Pass coupons have many other amazing offers and discounts. Here are some of the offers: $300 off savings on top 10 attractions in NYC, Savings of $60 on Hop-on Hop Off New York Tour buses are just some of the many offers from New York Pass coupon.

There is no question about the richness of New York in terms of tourism. It is a city that is filled with monumentary figures, museums that have an auctioned filled history among other immensely fun and captivating to see. However, the downside to this is that New York is among the most expensive places in the world to tour. The good thing is that they have put up measures to relieve the burden of cost from those that would like to see what this site has to offer. One of these methods that the city has adopted is the New York Pass.

For those that might not have heard, the New York Pass is a tourist card that gives a tourist access to more than 50 attractions in New York all at the expense of one card. You don’t have to keep paying time and time again and as if that is not enough, there are other advantages that are associated with the use of this pass.

Some of the advantages that one is able to enjoy courtesy of the New York pass include the fact that the card allows you to skip some of the busiest places that attract along lines. If not for the card, you would be stuck in such places for long waiting to get the pass. Furthermore, using the pass is far cheaper than having to pay for attractions and it is also worth noting that the access the pass allows you is unlimited and you can apply for one depending on how long you would want to be site seeing in the city. To make the deal even sweeter there are discounts that come with the pass that you might find quite attractive.

Aside from offering you full access to some of the most notable places in New York like the Empire State building and the statue of Liberty, the pass also offers you other advantages like going for cruises, travel tours as well as guided tours. You get all your touring needs covered by one ticket.

As much as getting the best touring cover from the card may sound quite pleasing, the pass does more than that. It allows you to get other discounts some of the discounts that are included in the passes that are not necessarily related to touring but you’re still eligible for courtesy of your pass include a $5 coupon that you get for the city sights tour bus with the pass, a 14% Bloomingdales certificate which allows you to shop more with the help of your pass as well as a 15% off seating at the Patina Group of restaurant and the best part about this discount is that you not get to pay less but you’re also offered priority seating.

Additionally, the pass has a number of coupons that one can use to drive the costs even further. The best thing is that there are a number of coupons that you can use. Even though the coupons do not help with reducing the cost of the initial pass, you can use them to help drive the prices of other services and products that you’re eligible for discounts while using the pass.

Some of the coupons that you can use to get better and lower prices include some that offers you a combo deal on your pass as well as on the double decker bus tour and the best part is that the coupon has a 67% success rate which makes it quite useful. There is also one that allows you to save 15% off the price of 3 and 7 day passes.

The best thing about this pass is they are not meant to be used instantly. If you’re planning to be site seeing in New York in the next one year, you can buy the pass and then wait until you have made the trip to activate the pass. It is valid up to 12 months which makes it quite convenient. Should your travel plans change, then you can be guaranteed that you will be refunded the entire amount of all none used passes so that there is no risk whatsoever for you.

With its discounts and coupons, the New York Pass is the ideal partner for those that are New York for a short time and would like to see the most of what this great city has to offer as well as those that would to visit some of the rather expensive places.

The New York Pass VS The City Pass

There is no question that New York is among the best places to visit in the world. Not only is this one of a kind city among the greatest cities in the world but also one that attracts a lot of tourists. The only problem is that sightseeing in New York does not come cheap. In fact it can be very costly depending on how long you will be visiting. The good news is that, in order to keep up with the vicious competition in the tourism industry at hand, the management of the city came up with an economical way to allow their visitors see all that New York has to offer using passes. While there are a number of passes to choose from there are only two that are worth paying some attention to and that is the New York pass and the City Pass. Here’s a review about each of the passes to allow you see which topples the other and fits your needs better.

The New York Pass.

The New York pass is like a credit card pass that allows a visitor to visit up to 80 of the most interesting and most famous places and attractions that New York has to offer. The pass can be purchased online and is valid for up to one year. A visitor can buy the pass depending on the number of days that they intend to be sightseeing from as little as one day to as much as 7 days. The prices for this particular pass ranges from as little as $85 dollars for adults and $60 for children to as much as $230 for adults and $165 for children.

Important information about the New York Pass.

Among the important things that you should know about the usage of this card include the fact that once you use the card at the first attraction it is activated and from there the period that you had booked it or starts to count.

The days that are indicated on the pass are calendar days and not 24 hour days meaning that no matter the time you booked the ticket, it will expire at midnight. Furthermore, the pass can only be used once at each attraction meaning that you’re not able to make a revisit to the same attraction twice which also means that the pass can’t be shared between two people.

Advantages of the New York Pass.

There are a variety of advantages that one gets to enjoy when they opt for this pass minus being able to visit more places for less. The first is that the pass allows the holder to jump lines at up to 15 attractions which can save you a lot of time given how crowded places like Top of the rock can get.

It allows you to visit a wide array of places which is up to 80 attractions that you can be able to visit in any order that you prefer and these includes off beaten path roads for those that might be interested.

The best part about the New York City Pass is that you can buy it up to 12 months in advance before you’re even ready to travel.

This is a great pass to buy for those that have at least 3 days to spend in New York which allows you to really exploit the advantages of the pass to the fullest. The one and two day passes are quite pricey considering that you can only squeeze in so much in that little time.

The City Pass


The city pass is a small booklet that comprises of six tickets that are able to grant you permission into some of the best attractions that New York has to offer.

Important things to keep in mind.

The city pass has a fixed price of $109 for adults and $82 for children, which means that ideally it is cheaper than the New York pass generally speaking.

Once you have purchased the pass which can be done either online or at any city pass attractions, the tickets therein are valid for nine days which is quite a disadvantage compared to the New York pass that allows you to buy it up to one year before the intended date of use.

This pass will also allow the holder to jump lines in some of the places and includes some of the most exciting places like the Empire state building, the Observatory, the Metropolitan Museum of Art among others.

If you are to pay for the all the six attractions in full, the pass will save you up $79 for the adult city pass which is quite a bargain.

Benefits of the city pass.

Unlike the New York pass that stuffs a lot of venues in just 7 days, the city pass is more flexible and allows you to visit the attractions that it is viable for over a period of 9 days in the order and at the time that you like.

You still get to retain your line hopping benefits and as such you save much more time for you to be able to see a lot more for a lot less and without a rush.

However before you opt to buy the city pass, there are a number of things that you should have in mind which might make this not a very good idea. For instance the entrance fee to the Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not fixed and only a donation of any amount is requested. Also the Museum of Modern Art has free Fridays so you don’t have to pay for anything. These are three out of the six places that you can be able to save on and make your budget more manageable.

While the New York pass offers the visitors a lot to see, they offer them very little time within which to see them so you could be paying for things that you will never use. On the other hand, you have the city pass which offers you less but with a lot of time to see the same. However, the problem with the latter is that if you choose your days right, you may be able to get more and still spend less even without the pass. As such the question remains which of the two is more convenient for you? If you have the time, the New York pass could be ideal.

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