Take 5% Off – Gray Line New York coupon code | October 2018

September 30, 2018

Gray Line are sightseeing tour buses that are based in the city of New York. There are great offers on the coupon codes from Gray Line. You can get a 10% off from your order from either Gray-Line New York or Debra Hill Music. In addition to that, you also get a once in a lifetime tour of the Yankee Stadium as well as a 2 day All Loops VIP access pass.

The offer is only for a limited amount of time so you should take advantage of it as soon as you can. For all ray line buses, you can get 5% off. If you want to use select Manhattan Experience Tours, then you can get a $5 discount when you book online. Another great offer is the buy 1 get 1 gratis tour of New York City. Visit the site and take a look at other great offers you can use with your family.

Experience The Reputable Gray Line New York Tours

Gray Line New York has been the to-go-to tour company for the best deluxe motor coaches and double decker buses from 1926. They offer night tours, cruises, day trips, helicopter tours within New York for tourists to view the city’s main attractions. They offer good services for large groups of tourists, students or research people who wish to tour and learn through sightseeing or to simply have fun. They offer the best prices, services and cruises with tour guides who speak multiple languages for example Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German to cater to different clients that they encounter on a daily basis.

When one has a Gray Line New York coupon code they have better chances of getting more out of the tour since they gain discounts and they are presented with more money saving offers. Gray Line Tours offer discreet, luxurious, private and fully customized VIP tours for those who prefer to have their own privacy. They have a good online presence and their website that has a lot of information on how to get vouchers which are also printable. The voucher codes often have deals of up to 30% or 40% on tours depending with the number of people and the number of days they wish to tour.

Where to insert Gray Line New York coupon code?

In order to get the Discount you need to copy and insert the codes in this field at Gray Line New York site:

Gray Line New York promotional code

The Field to enter "Gray Line New York promotional code" in order to get the Discount

After you enter coupon code press on “Apply” Button.

Online vouchers also have price differences for adults and children. With children always being the majority in sight seeing it is a very good deal to get huge reductions on kid’s prices. Booking online with Gray Line Tours could land one extra activities that are all inclusive in the voucher payment such as the New York City Pass which gives one access to designated entrances where they would have otherwise queued for long hours. With a voucher code one has more options to what they want to see and where they want to go within New York. Some of the notable attractions in New York that Gray Line tours are; the Rockefeller Center, New York Botanical Garden, Cloisters Museum, Yankees Stadium and so much more.

Online voucher deals often expire and get renewed but the best way to know what Gray Line Tours are up to is by subscribing with them and one is sure to get their email updated with every new offer they have available. They are experienced and professional at what they do and their staff is very helpful too. They have online customer care to answer to any client queries concerning tours and prices. They also offer vehicle advertisement which allows other companies and businesses to market their products through their mobile billboards. In this way, they help others to reach wide numbers of people during the excursions and tours.
They also have special discount voucher codes for larger tour groups and transportation to and from airports, stadiums, hotels and theatres. They have experienced, licensed and patient drivers who are knowledgeable experts and willing to answer or attend to clients at any time of the day. They often allow clients the freedom to walk around freely and see sights up-close.

Gray Line New York Sightseeing Promotional Code

Gray Line New York is a company that provides tour bases for individual who want to go sightseeing in New York. There are different kinds of buses such as the double-decker bus which offer nighttime and daytime tours. There are also buses that carry foreigners’ who do not speak English and have tour guides with them.

Sightseeing in New York can be quite costly especially with the rise in inflation all over the world. Gray line New York understands this and this is exactly the reason why they have launched promotional codes for all their customers who visit Newyorksighseeing.com. These promotional codes ensure you spend less on some of the activities you sign up for on the site. Some of these activities are; tours on the double-decker buses, helicopter tours and also cruise tours. This includes both day time and night time tours.

The Gray Line New York sightseeing promotional codes are only accessible through Newyorksighseeing.com. This is because it is the site that is hosting Gray Line New York. Therefore, you should not buy the tickets elsewhere since this will make you miss out on discounts that go up to 20%. Other sites do not have this offer either, it is therefore crucial for you to stick to the New York sightseeing site to book tours.

To get the promotional code, you are required to log onto the site where you get to reveal your code. Once you have revealed the code, there are simple directions that follow that will guide you on how to use the promotional code on the site to get the discounts. Ensure you follow each and every step as stated on the site in order for you to benefit from the promotional code. Delays in using the promotional code may make the offer expire before you get the benefits.

Most people do not follow the steps to getting the discount and in most cases claim that there is no discount when making a purchase. The easy way to go about using the promotional code is to ensure you insert the code in the correct box that is in most cases below the page where you read the instructions. Immediately you have inserted the code, you get the discount and a confirmation is given to you.

Taking advantage of these promotional codes is very important especially if you would like to tour New York as a big group. This is because you get a discount for each ticket since each ticket has a promotional code. This way you get to pay less for all the tickets and see even more places.

There are only 3 promotional codes at the moment but there will be more later this year, 2014. You have to keep in mind that there is high demand of these tickets. Many offers have been used so far. It is therefore advisable to go for the tickets before the offer is gone. The most recent offers were used on the 18th of September of this year.

Gray Line New York Coupon Codes

Do you want to tour Brooklyn Museum, Harlem, or just want to enjoy the beautiful view of New York city favorable discounts? Well, worry no more, Gray Line New York has some of the amazing promotion coupon codes just for you. Good for you since this article has compiled all you need to know about this company, its services, and the benefits incurred while using Gray line New York Coupon codes. Without further ado, lets get down to it, but first, its good to know the company before you receive their services.

About Gray Line New York Company

Gray Line New York is the best selling New York city tour company offering city tours by bus throughout North America since 1926. The company prioritizes the visits to places with excitement, art, wonderful culture, among other favorites. Furthermore, it offers some of the best double decker bus and deluxe motorcade tours. This allows customers to enjoy their offers at low prices. Their Coupon Codes

1. City Broadway Show tickets

This coupon code allows you to save as you buy tickets for a broadway show.

2. City double decker bus tours

Using Gray Line New York Coupon Codes like this one, allows you to take a trip around the city of New York while saving as it is offered at affordable prices from the huge discounts.

3. Harmptons, Sag Habour and Shopping Day trips

This is a shopping offer from Gray Line New York company. But it is only available if you take tours around the Harmptons, and Sag Habour regions. The trips are termed as shopping days, so as you shop you save.

4. City Beast speed Boat rides

Have you ever imagined of riding as you save? This code allows you save when shopping the offer.

5. Philadelphia and Amish country bus Tours

Your journey to enjoying amazing offers from Gray Line New York starts at New York City. This coupon involves touring places such as Philadelphia and Amish. The tours allow you to save as you shop for this code.

6. Niagara Falls 2 Day Bus Trip

This coupon from Gray Line offers a two day bus tour to Niagara falls.

7. New york city Biking tours

Again this coupon allows a customer to save while shopping this offer.

8. Terrific Savings

Ever imagined of being in a VIP outlet. Yes this coupon gives you the chance to turn your imaginations to a reality. Furthermore as buy these offer, you get to save and visit VIP woodbury common premium outlets around New York City.

9. Harlem Gospel Soul, Food and Jazz Tickets

You get to save while using Gray Line New York Coupon Codes such as this one.

10. Washington DC bus tours

Using this Gray Line New York Coupon Code allows you to spend less just on shopping for it. Plus you get to join your adventure as you visit Washington DC.

Other amazing offers from Gray Line New York Company include: Freedom Boston tours, New York city walking tours, among others. These offers are offered with fair discounts making them ridiculously affordable. They are easily accessible online as well, just go to GrayLine.com to view these amazing offers.

Finally, while using Gray Line New York Coupon Codes you get Hop-on, and Hop-off services. You can hop-on and off at your own calling with over thirty stops around the city. Gray Line New York brings you incredibly special offers, access to tickets for sight seeing the New York loops with up to 48 hour passes, and you can get to enjoy one stop shopping for broadway, hotels, tours, and attractions.


The best thing you can do for your family during this festive season is taking them for a trip. However, with the hard economic times, everyone is looking for ways to save an extra dollar. Whether you want to buy a piece of land or invest in the stock market with your savings, treating your family is not something you should ignore. One of the best ways to save money during this holiday season is using coupons. Many stores offer customers with coupons to enable them to buy different goods and services without digging deeper into their pockets. To get the coupon codes, visit official websites or register for daily, weekly or monthly updates. Today we want to look at New York gray line coupons vs. city sights coupons.

New York gray line coupons

Are you planning to take a trip to New York this festive season? Well, if the answer is yes then you should ensure that you enjoy a ride on a motor coach bus or double-decker. The tours offered by New York gray line take you through different places including the uptown and downtown areas. Do not worry if English is not one of your languages because there are buses that use German and French among other languages to ensure that you have a good time while out there. In addition, you can get on as well as off and explore the city as you wish. With New York gray line coupons, you will not spend a great part of your income during the tours. You can check at the hot deals section on the official site so that you see to save more money. Just like other coupons, ensure that you confirm the date of expiry before picking any the codes provided. With these codes, you can save up to $ 5 off for booking your tour online. The company offers coupons throughout the year hence it is upon you to keep checking on their site for information on the latest deals.

How to apply New York gray line coupons

New York gray line offers a wide variety of coupons when it comes to tour options in New York City. Some of the tours allow avail tickets for various attractions while others allow you to get on and off the bus as you wish. At their official website, you can register for different breathtaking tours so that you travel with ultimate comfort. With these codes, you can save on specific tours, bookings, day passes and Broad way shows tickets among others.

GET CODE offers

• Click the code you want to apply from New York gray line

• Copy the code you have chosen from the screen without any extra space

• Click on the shop now button and wait for the page to load

• Add the product that you want to buy with the promo code to your shopping cart

• Paste the code you have picked in the Promo code box and then proceed to click apply

• Once you do this, your discount will be applied instantly

Activate offers

• Click the activate offer from New York gray line you want to apply during your shopping

• Click the area indicated shop now on the screen to activate the savings and then open New York gray line site

• The discount you want to apply is now active and you can add all items that qualify to your shopping cart.

• Your saving will be applied instantly at the checkout

City Sights Coupons

City sights New York is one of the best tour companies in New York. The service provider offers visitors with buses, boat and helicopter tours to various destinations in the country. With City sights coupons, you can enjoy as high as $ 5 off your tickets by simply clicking on the promotional links provided on their official site. You can look at the banner ads to find out some of the best tours offered at discount so that you save more money on the same. In addition you can get more offers from this company at coupons.com. With such amazing deals from this company, you have no reason to deny your kids the opportunity to enjoy their holiday. Day and night, the company has tours as well as trips running in different parts of the city. If you are a tourist who wants to experience what New York can offer, do not search beyond City Sights. To register with their services, simply visit their official site and then select some of the tours you find interesting. After that, the service provider will take care of you throughout the day until you go back to your hotel at night to relax with your family. Some of the tours offered by the service provider include the following

• New York City double Decker bus tours-You can enjoy the wonderful view of New York City right from the comfort of a double-decker bus with your newlywed spouse or friends as you sip a glass of wine.

• Broad way shows– You can take a short trip down the broad way so that you can catch up with The Book of Mormon, of mice and men as well as Violet among others.

• Other tours –As if the above tours are not enough to make you fall in love with the services provided by this company, you will have the opportunity to take part in WTO Ground Zero Tour during the vacation. There are also boat and helicopter tours from different places that will impress you. Why should you seek for any other service providers when City sights have the best deals? In conclusion, you can make this holiday memorable and fun using coupons. Companies such as City sights and New York gray line company offer promotions throughout the year. This ensures that trips are affordable to both the high and low income earners. If you have been planning to take out your friends or family during this holiday season, check with some of the great deals from these companies. Most of these tour companies offer great deals during festive seasons.

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