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April 29, 2024

Big Bus Tours Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a south eastern China city which is a major financial hub. It’s also a holiday destination for many travelers.


Charges are different depending on the number of tickets purchased and type of tour. There is a 10% discount on selected tour tickets online.


KOWLOON TOUR (BLUE-ROUTE) – The first tour from the stop starts at 10.00 hours and ends at 18.00 hours. For the Hop On and Hop Off across the city, the Kowloon Tour (Blue-Route ) has seven different stops. Picking points include the Peninsula, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Langham Place, Temple Street, Sky 100, Hankow Road and Mody road. Picking time is from 10 A.M to 11 A.M.

HONG KONG ISLAND-TOUR (RED ROUTE) – this route has nine hop on and hop offs stops. They include; Central star Ferry Pier 7, Hong Kong Exhibition and convention Center, Park Lane Hotel and Causeway Bay, Sogo.

Aberdeen and Stanley Tour (Green-Route)- Six different stops are offered here. Though just six, there’s the advantage of hopping off at Stops 17 or 18 to change to the Hong Kong Island-Tour Kowloon Tour. Picking points include, Repulse Bay, Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Stanley and Peak Tram. The First tour from stop starts at 09:45 hours and the last from stop starts at 16:45 hours.


With the services of Big Bus Tours, one can visit the Victoria Park to have some alone time, or go with a group. The park is calm and provides a serene environment where one can relax and escape the noise and busy city.

If you love shopping for traditional accessories, Stanley Market is a good place to visit. The open air market has several stalls which sell traditional Chinese clothing, ornaments and paintings.

The Lamma Island is a good location to unwind when in Hong Kong. One can relax and feel the breeze on the tropical beaches. The island has temples where one can go worship or meditate, and several fishing villages.

Causeway Bay. This is an ideal location for those who love shopping and are in Hong Kong. Here you will find a Japanese department store, Sogo which has everything a shopper needs. There are malls too like Fashion Island, Windsor House and Hang Lung Centre. Causeway Bay is also good for those who love partying as the night here never sleeps.

Lantau Island is one of the many islands you can spend your time in when in Hong Kong. This is home to the picturesque Tai O fishing village and the colossal Tian Tan Buddha.

For the premium / 24 hours tour, adult tickets go for $58.00. The Deluxe tour goes $65.00 per adult. For the night tour, adults pay $35.00

When using Big Bus Tours in Hong Kong, one is offered a lot. One can learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong through pr recorded commentary available in ten languages in all buses. Other advantages that come when one books a Big Bus tours ticket include, a free star ferry return journey, a free peak tram return journey, a free sampan ride and a free admission to the Hong-Kong Maritime museum.

Enjoy Hong Kong With Big Bus Tour

Everyone has heard at least one friend or relative saying they wish they ‘saw more of the city’ right after their vacation or a tour they had. This can be extremely frustrating seeing as you took time of your busy schedule but went back home feeling discontented. A beautiful city like Hong Kong has so much to offer and you would be tempted to think that it is impossible to take in even half of the sites on a single day, but you are mistaken as it is very much possible with big bus tours Hong Kong promotion codes.

With cultural density that is second to none, enough history to put any museum to shame and architectural brilliance that would have anyone in awe, Hong Kong is a prime tourist destination for anyone locally or internationally. Taking in the sites from the comfort of a bus that leisurely cruises around all the prime spots in the city is the only way anyone should opt for when it comes to enjoying Hong Kong in all its glory.

No more trying to read a map to figure out where you are and wasting time that would otherwise be used seeing famous sites. Sit back and relax on board an open top bus and enjoy Hong Kong’s magnificence. With big bus tours you not only get peace of mind but you also get variety. The variety comes about by the fact that big bus tours has more than one tour option on offer when it comes to how, when and where you wish to take in the sites of Hong Kong.

You get to choose one of the three big bus tour routes on offer, either the red, blue or green route that cover different attractions. If seeing the colonial sites in Hong Kong and taking pictures of the traditional sites is what your heart desires most, then the Red route was created just for you. The red route spans over the northern Hong Kong region. The Hong Kong Island is what you will enjoy most if you decide to take this particular bus route. The Blue route is for anyone who wants to enjoy the culture of Hong Kong more. This route has more bars and restaurants than any other. Famed as the Kowloon tour, you will get to see the Langham place mall, Temple Street, The Avenue of stars, Ladies Market and much more. The final route that you may ride the bus on is the green route that spans over the lush Hong Kong country side. If you have always wanted to see Ocean Park or Repulse Bay then you should definitely book this particular tour route. Each tour either of the Stanley market, Hong Kong Island or Kowloon takes a particular amount of time that ranges from ninety minutes to about one hundred and twenty minutes. What’s more is that you can hop off at designated points if you wish to take in the sites at your own pace. Any cultured tourist will tell you that any city worth seeing during the day is equally, if not even more, spectacular during the night. For this reason there is a big bus tour that lets you enjoy the city during the night as well and you will surely get a different experience.

The flexibility of the big bus tours combined with the convenience it offers makes for an unparalleled experience. Don’t worry about anything significant passing you by as the commentary on the big bus Hong Kong tours have you covered on that front as well. There is a prerecorded commentary on board the bus and the cherry on the top is that language barrier no longer has to be the reason you feel out of place or confused while taking in new sites. The recording is in ten different languages;

– Spanish

– Russian

– German

– Italian

– English

– Japanese

– French

– Korean

– Cantonese

– Putonghua (Mandarin)

So whether you are marveling at the symphony of light illuminations on the blue route or the splendor of the Peak Tram towers on the green route, you are assured that you will know exactly what you are seeing from the commentary.

Hop on and hop off is well coordinated and this eliminates confusion and or anxiety of any kind as you are sure your bus will be on time and you can alight or get on at a specific time. It is important to note that once you are on a specific route, it is not allowed to board any other routes unless you purchase another pass (for that specific route). The pass is however valid for twenty four hours and this ensures you get value for your money and get to experience everything that that particular route has to offer. The big bus tour is also extremely child friendly and anyone who has a kid(s) is encouraged to bring them along for the fun and activity filled tour.

There a lot of activities to be experienced during a hop off that befit any personality or age on any of the different routes taken. Tin Hau and Man Mo are colorful temples that would make for a great visit for anyone who anyone who wishes to feast their eyes on extreme beauty but the victoria peaks make for the ultimate visual buffet. Anyone who wishes to shop till the drop will feel right at home at Stanley market where there is an open air market and the Ladies market. For someone who wishes to enjoy something more adrenaline packed, the thrill rides at Ocean Park are perfect and you can also enjoy the beautiful marine life. And if you wish to just get away from the city chaos and noise then you will find a safe haven at Repulse bay where you can enjoy tranquility or head over to Aberdeen Bay for a Sampan ride that will make you feel like royalty.

The big bus tours Hong Kong promotion codes make all this possibilities a reality for a pocket friendly fee and the sooner you book, the sooner you can enjoy the discounts and everything Honk Kong has to offer so don’t waste any more time and get booking.

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