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April 29, 2024

Enjoy London Using Big Bus Tour Promo Codes

The big bus tours which happen in London are usually encompassed of very open top tours which involve a lot of sightseeing the great city of London. With these big bus tours revelers, can be able to book a trip on these buses and go on a city tour of London on a big bus which has an open top. It is usually very exciting because views from the top of these buses are usually very enjoyable as you get to see and marvel at the great city of London. The London big bus tours usually utilize two main routes which guarantee a view of the best sites in London. These amazing and remarkable sites that the big bus tour passes near are the Big Ben which is an amazing city clock built a long time ago and has been there for a Century or two. The big bus tours also pass through Buckingham Palace where the Queen of England resides. The tour also includes two other monumental sites such as the Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. All these sites are amazing places to visit and see for yourself the beautiful and remarkable sites and infrastructure London has to offer.

The big bus tours have a variety of choices to book from which are a 24-hour bus ticket to tour around London for 24 hours or a 48-hour big bus tour if you might have some more time to spare and take in the sites of London. There is also the availability of a one day calendar ticket whereby you can choose on day in the year when you can be part of the Big bus tours around London. When you choose the one calendar day in the year ticket for the big bus tours you can get to enjoy the added fun of hopping on and hopping off the bus anywhere you may please. It is not restricted which makes people enjoy the luxury of simply visit some particular sites and just hop off and maybe go shopping when they might feel like and come back to the bus later. This one calendar day ticket also has the advantage of including and covering all the Big Bus London routes which means that with that one ticket you can be able to take a Big bus tour in London on any route and you will be totally covered.

There have been big bus tour London promo codes being offered to increase the number of people who take tours on these buses. The promo codes have also been used to market and bring more awareness to the enriching big bus tours so that individuals can be able to try them out and experience all the wonders and joy that comes from taking a big bus tour of London. The tours help you see London in a new way from the comfort of an open top tour bus. The big buses used for the big bus London tours are usually running on their various routes beginning from 8:30 in the morning to about 5pm which is in the evening. They usually happen during frequent intervals throughout the day. As an individual who has bought a ticket for the tour you can be able to board the bus at any stop and your tour will begin from that stop. You can also start your tour at any time but within the specified tour hours which are 8:30 am to 5pm.

The big bus tour in London has two main routes which are utilized for sightseeing. These routes which the big bus tour take ensure that the main sites in Central London are covered that is you can get to see them. There is also a shuttle service which goes to St Pancras and Kings Cross stations. With the big bus tour tickets, you also get yourself a free cruise which happens on River Thames coupled by a variety of guided walks to top off the whole tour. As someone who tours London in these big buses you also get a rewards booklet which has in it offers for discounts at local attractions and restaurants which is a great savings for you if you might be on a tight budget while taking a tour of London.

Big bus tour London promo codes have been offered regularly whereby, if you buy a 24hour or a 48-hour ticket for the tour by 28th February 2017 you get an additional 24-hour validity such that if you might have had an emergency during the day of your visit, you can relax because your ticket will still be valid for a full 24 hours after its initial expiry. This means you still can get to tour London on the big bus without any hassle while enjoying all the benefits that come with it. This offer is however limited to the hop on and hop of series of the London big bus tours. It also does not include the cruise on river Thames. This must be taken when the ticket is still valid. The 24 hour and 48 hour tickets also come with a 10% discount if you use the given promo code on the Big bus London page which has been dedicated for its operations and offers. This ensures that you can enjoy the tour at a discounted price while enjoying all the benefits and amazing sites of the tour.

The extra attraction tickets in the given booklets are also valid for 7 days after you have gone on the tour. This means that you get to enjoy a wide variety of the attractions covered in the booklet at discounted prices. When using the promo code, you also get 24 hours extra on the 24 and 48-hour ticket which covers the original London tour. There is also an addition 24-hour extra time for free added on the 24 and 48 hour tickets for individuals who are on the Golden tours. These offers are awesome and are sure to attract a lot of people to go on the Big Bus London tours this year. you definitely don’t have to spend a lot while on tour.

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