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January 28, 2023

Why Namecheap Should be Your Preferred Hosting Partner

When you decide to take a dive into the world of the internet, one of the most cumbersome issues that you will have to contend with is the hosting and domain registration. This is an area that you can’t afford to get wrong and getting the right company to partner with can be the cradle of your success. With that in mind, while there is a great variety with regards to the companies that you can partner with, there are only a handful whose words can hold any water and one of those is Namecheap. A quick review will help you understand why this one of a kind company could be the ideal partner for you.


There is a lot that Namecheap has to offer in terms of features. It has four plans all of which are upgradable and offer a different packages that include disk space, email accounts, hosted domains and subdomains as well as websites and a variety of other features that play a vital role in ensuring your success on the World Wide Web. Their cheapest package includes 25 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 5 hosted domains with 50 subdomains, 5 websites and up to 50 FTP users. This offers great value for money and given that this is the most budget friendly package, you can only how much better the best one might look for you. In addition to these one of kind features, Namecheap also offers a very user friendly control panel that allows the customers to create and also manage their FTP, emails and apps with ease.

Where to insert Namecheap Promo Code?

In order to get the Discount you need to copy and insert the codes in this field at Namecheap site:

Namecheap Promo Code

The Field to enter "Namecheap Promo Code" in order to get the Discount

After you enter coupon code press on “Apply” Button.

Competitive advantage.

When it comes to hosting, it does not always mean that if you decide to go big you’re in better hands. Sometimes you have to play smart and look for what offers you Value for your money and supports this with quality service. Namecheap enjoys a competitive edge against its competitors mainly because of its competitive pricing and its ability to serve its customers on a personal level. To make the deal even better for their customer which earns them a lot of vital points is their 14 day money back guarantee that allows the customers to get what they paid if they are not happy with the services that they have to offer.

To ensure uninterrupted support to their clients, they have installed state of the art infrastructure and has data centers located both in the US and the UK. These include Xeon CPUs, plenty of memory not to mention the RAID protection systems to make sure that you don’t only have space for your data but you also have plenty of security to go with that.

Good support.

It is highly evident that this forms of business can be quite frustrating especially when you run into trouble with your system and you can’t get any help. To make your experience easier and pleasurable, Namecheap has a great technical support team that is highly trained and efficient that are available to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The better part is that you can contact the customer support team on a variety of different avenues that include live support and emails which makes it not only effective but efficient for the customer and utterly convenient.


Even though the company has built a reputation by offering its customers rock bottom prices for top quality services which includes monthly and annual plans, there is no doubt that you will not find such competitive pricing anywhere else. However, to throw the odds in favor of the clients, the company has a variety of other ways that the customer can use to drive the cost of hosting further down while still ensuring that they are getting the same quality services. Some of these avenues that the customers can explore include;

Coupon codes.

There are a variety of coupon codes that customers who choose Namecheap can use to start their hosting experience on a positive note. Some of the coupon codes that are particularly ideal for those that are starting out with Namecheap or for those that would like to change their hosting plan include;

The 40% off on VPS hosting plan coupon which allows you to pay even lower for the most budget friendly package that you can get. If you’re on a highly restrictive budget, there is a coupon that can offer you some flexibility by allowing you to pay just $1 for the first month of your hosting. This can free up enough money for you to be able to attend to other things.

For customers that might prefer shared hosting, there is another way that you can go around things and that is by going for the coupon that gives you 40% off on shared hosting to make sure that each and every single one of their clients are well catered for.

There are a variety of other coupons that might come in handy should the need arise and they include one that offers 40% off for reseller hosting, registering domains for just $3.98 per year coupon and there is also one that is able to offer you an exclusive $1.99 positive SSL offer. The choice of the preferred coupon and the most applicable is left to the client which gives them yet another reason why Namecheap is head and shoulders above the rest.

Renewal coupons.

On the other hand, to cater for the clients that are happy with the packages that are being offered and would like to stick with their current plan, there are a number of renewal coupons that are also available for the customers that would love to renew their plans with Namecheap. These include;

The golddeal that allows customers who have more than 50 domains in their account to renew their domains for just $9.97 a year for the .com and .net renewal which comes with WhoisGuard that is worth $0.99.

There is also the direct link renewal coupon that allows customers renewing their .com domain to do it for just $10.69.

These coupons ensure that loyal customers who would love to continue partnering with Namecheap are not left out in the cold and as such have a great way of also saving on their renewal and getting more financial benefits aside from the quality service.
With that said, it is now seemingly evidence why Namecheap is slowly and sure eking towards become a major industry player by using all the right channels and customer friendly service.

Using Namecheap Promo Codes

Have you ever thought of setting up your domain and hosting using namecheap promo codes? You can get a unique and professional domain name, and others among the many services offered by namecheap at cheaper prices with allowable rates from $3.98 per year. And that is not all, you get to enjoy other offers such as securing your web hosting, purchasing a web security, and others. This article reviews some of the namecheap promo codes and their features. But before that, lets focus on namecheap for a moment.

About namecheap

Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. One of its major objectives is to offer incredible services to average internet users just like you who want to build a successful online or internet business through a trusted company.

Namecheap promo codes

Some of the services that namecheap offers include:

Hosting package

One of the hosting packages is VPS hosting promo code. With this offer, you get the chance to host your VPS (Virtual Private Server) only for about $20 per month. Surely, who doesn’t want to run their own copy of an operating system to offer their customers a high level of customer experience.

Another hosting service is, Value hosting promo code which allows you to host up to three websites for under $10 charged per month.

SSL certificates

Do you still remember the objective of namecheap? Yes you do, namecheap offers this service at an affordable rate for you and other average users. And this SSL certificate service is no exception, it is under $8 charged per year.

WhoisGuard Domain privacy protection

This promo code allows you to protect your domain. It offers the best protection, or rather it offers world class domain privacy protection. By using this namecheap promo code, you provide the best security for your most confidential information. On top of that, it is easily accessible and affordable, only at about $2.88 per year. Nevertheless, there is a backed guarantee for you.

Off share Hosting and Sale on transfers and registration of popular TLDs

One thing about this deal is that it is a fantastic deal. Using this namecheap promo code, you get discounts of up to 20% off on shared hosting and sale on transfers and registration of some of the popular TLDs.
Domain names

Namecheap offers the service to you at affordable rates that are charged per year. It allows you to start or upgrade to a professional and a unique domain names. The rates are friendly and all average users can afford it.

.xyz Registration

With this code you get to enjoy registration and get to pay you for $1. But you should know that, namecheap offers this promotion only for limited times since it is too good to be true. Furthermore, with this code no promotion code is required.

Finally to conclude, namecheap in turn offers some other services such as a free two month trial email hosting, and a free whoisguard protection with domain protection when you register or transfer your domain through namecheap. It is with no doubt that namecheap has some of the best offers in the internet market. By using namecheap promo codes you will find domain and internet hosting packages that suit your needs, especially for average users. This is because they are affordable and all their promotion codes are verified. In addition, most their codes are charged annually.

Namecheap Promo Codes and Special offers – February 2023:

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