imemories Coupon Discount Code | February 2018

January 29, 2018

iMemories is a cloud based storage and streaming service which enables you to quickly and easily access memorize worth a lifetime at your fingertips. There are great discounts that you can get with the coupons and theya re definitely worth checking out. There is a 20% discount for all new digitizing orders but this does not include SafeShip Kits, DVD orders, Gift Cards and subscriptions. You also get $25 off if you spend $100 and above.

A great offer that will definitely appeal to you is the 20% off the entire order together with free shipping on orders that are $75 and more. Memories on DVD-Transfer to VHS, SVHS, 8mm and Betamax are among the great offers available. There is a 20% discount on Preserve Summertime memories forever and it expires in August so do not wait any longer, take this opportunity now. If you want to digitize old video -tapes, then this is possible and you get 20% discount on it.


In many homes there are junks of photos, cassette tapes and films that were recorded long time ago. Most of this media were recorded using magnetic technology or ammonia printing of photos. These technologies have a short coming when it comes to maintenance of good quality. Over time the pictures fade and the magnetic strips in the cassette tapes weaken. This degrades the quality of the pictures. Imemories came up with a novel idea of converting all analogue media in to digital form arts at an affordable price and plenty of promotions to its customers.

The major services offered by Imemories are, conversion of photos and home video in to digital format. They have categorized home videos prices in to three. Video tape, movie films and movie film with sound. In their regular promotional features in which they release imemories coupon discount codes, buyers are able to access these services at a subsidized price. Photos are categorized in to three categories too; photos, negatives and slides. Apart from these distict categories users can also subscribe for unlimited media conversion. It goes for $ 4.99 per month or $ 499.99 per year. This is another way imemories customers can save money other than the use of imemories coupon discount codes. Digital videos cost $9.99 per tape. The same price is applied to soundless film per fifty feet. Movie films with sound are charged $14.55 per 50 feet.

Imemories allows the user to access their media on an imemories page created for them upon digitization of photos or movies. This allows centralization of photos. Imemories give the media a beautiful view through their advanced media applications. An individual can also download, share privately and label their media. The photos and the tapes are returned to the owner upon completion of the digitization process. This means that you can still have your old technology. But have an ever constant superior quality, digital version of the same on a personal page on imemories.com.

These services are made cheaper by the use of an imemories coupon discount code. They are released on various websites. They bear the name of the offer, the price reduction or additional purchases provided for and an expiry date. Clicking on this links redirects the user to the imemories products page. Another promotional feature other than the imemories coupon discount code is the 30 days free trials. This allows the user to evaluate the services offered by imemories. Imemories coupon discount codes are produced randomly and mostly they cover holidays or memorable days. Taking advantage of these coupons is important because it is evident that at one point or the other we got to convert the analogue media to digital.

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