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April 29, 2024

Video Marketing has always been the most popular form of marketing. People prefer watching a promotional video rather than reading a boring and plain text on a website.

So, if you haven’t yet invested in making your own videos, now is the time to do so. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best benefits of making video marketing content and

First things first, what is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video maker which allows anyone, even non-technical users to create professional, high quality video with just a few clicks. You can use it for marketing your business, enhancing your sales and increasing your profits.

It is easy to use and its interface is very intuitive. All you have to do is to select a template, fill in your text, add images and click on ‘Create Video’. You will get the video then, just like that!

The best part? You can also automatically publish it on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger etc. with just a single click.

How much does InVideo cost?
The service is absolutely free to use for starter plan. However, if you want to take your video-making to the next level you have the option to upgrade. There are currently 3 options available as we’re writing this article.

These include:
– A Free Plan
– Business Plan
– Unlimited Plan

With a Free Plan you get these benefits:
– You get access to 5000+ video templates
– You get access to 3M+ Standard Media Library
– Use a TTS for your videos (Text to Speech function)
– 15min video duration per video

If you want to upgrade from the Free Version, you can get the Business Plan for $30/month (or $180 if billed annually) and the Unlimited Plan for $60/month (or $360 if billed annually).

It’s worth noting that you can try the upgraded plans for free (they come with a 7-day FREE trial).

You can also check the InVideo Promo Codes and InVideo coupons which you may use to get further discount on the plans.

Promo Codes & Other Discounts

InVideo often offers Promo Codes and other discounts which is helpful for those who are just getting started.
If you are interested in trying out InVideo, you can use the promo codes to get a discount on your purchase.
The promo codes and the other offers always vary, so if you find one that suits you, just register before they expired.

The prices mentioned here are the full prices that you’ll need to pay if you do not use any discount code.
On the page you insert your billing details you will see an option to add promo code.

Why You Should Buy InVideo

When you’re using InVideo, you won’t have to face these issues:

– Not having a professional video that will promote your business.
– Not being able to get a good ROI (Return on Investment) from your video marketing content.
– Having to learn how to use complex equipment or software just to make a simple video.
– Finding it hard to get your message across to the audience.

InVideo is very powerful and the best thing is that you can use it even if you know absolutely nothing about video marketing!
Just select a template, fill in your text, images and you’re done! Or if you want to create a completely custom video, choose the Advanced Editor.
The media library is huge and compilation of images and videos is amazing. You can also use the audio and video editing features too.

So, if you’re looking to make videos for branding, promoting your business, or even perhaps creating content marketing videos to engage your audience, InVideo is for you!

In Summary

InVideo is a great tool for creating video marketing content and can be used to promote your brand. The interface is very simple, especially for newcomers to make videos.
They have 3 different plans available for different types of needs. The free version is useful for beginners and those who want to get started with video marketing.
You can try the upgraded plans for free to find out if it’s worth upgrading to a more advanced plan which comes with more features.

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