40% OFF – AVG Coupon Code | May 2016

May 1, 2015

AVG is a technology company that deals with security for your computer and they too have some amazing offers for you. If you want the AVG Internet Security 2014 software, then hurry up and get a coupon code since you can get 30% off. Internet Security 2013 is also on offer and you can get 40% off. Premium products are what we all want since they offer more services in the long run.

The AVG Premium Security & Family Safety & Unlimited Online Backup is on offer for $74.99 and this price saves you 55% of the original cost. There is a 10% discount on Antivirus and also Safe Backup bundle. If you are in online business, then maybe you would be interested in the AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2013 that you can get 30% off from. You may also be interested in the AVG Antivirus Business Edition 2013 for 60 PCs and a one year license and you will get a 40% discount on this.


Truth be told, a good percentage of us if asked would classify technology as a basic necessity given that we spend a huge portion of the day on devices like smart phones, tablets and computers. Just like other products these devices consume money on different fronts given that they need constant maintenance and monitoring. It’s important to keep your devices safe from malicious ware, hackers or any other threats and this is where AVG which is amongst the global leader in the manufacture and sales of security software comes in.

AVG is known for providing quality anti-viruses, anti-theft login software as well as applications for android and windows phones as well as computers. Compared to other things, purchasing technology related things like apps or antivirus is fairly more expensive but with AVG, this needs not worry you as you can easily use an AVG coupon code to get huge discounts on any of your purchases at any given time.

This comes in very handy for a person with many gadgets which is pretty much all of us as you can accumulate coupon codes and purchase an antivirus for your phone, activate another for a super discount for that internet security software that you need for your PC and also save on your business security software. All you need to know is what you need and where to get the coupon codes. The easiest way to land these coupon codes and also get insider information about special deals and sales is by subscribing for the AVG email alert. This will help you plan your purchases and save lots of money while getting the necessary protection.

Most people have had their computer crash at one time or another and it’s the worst thing that can happen to you especially if you had not backed up your data. Majority of these crashes are due to malicious ware that attacks the computer especially when one visits the internet or shares files with other exposed devices. This is why buying known and reliable security software is paramount to avoid the stress that comes with losing data.

Other precautions that you should take include downloading files from trusted websites, switching off your device or disconnecting from the internet (mostly the computer)when you don’t need it as this prevents others from accessing it. You should also refrain from opening email attachments that are not familiar and also keep your online identity safe by using strong passwords and changing them frequently. Also use different passwords for different accounts. Lastly but not least, always update your software as new threats are forever coming up and failing to update will make your devices prone to serious attacks.

AVG offer different deals for different durations and by making use of AVG coupon codes, you will be able to do so much more with your devices either at work, home or on the go knowing that you are fully protected. Most importantly always check your coupon codes and utilize them before they expire. That said, AVG offers lots of freebies from antivirus trials to editions and you should capitalize on them as they will demonstrate why you need to make full purchases.

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