Get 2 For 1 Tickets – Tower Of London | November 2018

October 30, 2018

Tower Of London: 2 For 1 Tickets

From menagerie to armory, the Tower of London has served many purposes over the centuries and remains one of England’s hallmark attractions. It stands high above the famous River Thames, offering an imposing view to the more than 2 million visitors that pass through it each year.

A single adult ticket to this attraction is £21.50 without a donation (an extra £2.50 with a donation), and children over the age of 5 are an addition £9.70 (without donation). Both of these figures are for tickets booked online as well- those purchased at the gate will see even higher prices. Large parties will quickly see their expenses climb with costs like these, so it’s smart to take advantage of coupons and deals that are offered by the Tower of London. One particularly helpful deal is the Tower of London tickets 2 for 1 deal, which allows eligible visitors to pay the price of one ticket but gain entry for two visitors. This deal is available only part of the year, and is not available July 15th through September 3rd of 2017 due to the crowded summer season. However, the rest of the year offers prime opportunities to visit this iconic landmark with this great Tower of London offer.

In order to take advantage of these 2 for 1 tickets, you’ll need to purchase two adult tickets for the National Rail even if you never actually take the train. Both adults must have a train ticket to take advantage of this deal. You need to purchase the tickets from an above ground station, and they will only be valid at the Tower of London on the same day you purchased them. However, it doesn’t matter what city you buy the tickets in so long as they come from the National Rail. Seven day Travelcards issued on Oyster are ineligible for this offer. Instead, purchase a “zone 1-2 Travelcard”. The 2 for 1 deal is eligible at more than one London tourist destination, and most will be in this area. This includes the Tower of London.

Once you have two adult Travelcards, browse the station for “2-4-1” brochures and vouchers, which you will need in addition to your National Rail Travelcard. You can also print your own copies from home if you’re worried the station will run out, which happens occasionally. The Travelcard is valid all day in the zone you purchased it for and on the Red Bus system, which is not limited by zones. You can use it to travel to the Tower of London to take advantage of the admission offer. When you arrive at the Tower, present the 2-4-1 voucher and your National Rail Travelcard for both adults. You will then be permitted to pay the price of one ticket and receive two!

As fantastic as this offer is, it does come with some caveats. It cannot be combined other discounts that the Tower of London offers. For example, you cannot use a 2-4-1 voucher and then also request a senior discount, family pricing, or a similar price reduction. In addition, you’ll be paying for your tickets at the gate which could result in a long wait in the queue and poses a slightly more expensive ticket. The Tower of London tickets you purchase as part of the 2 for 1 deal will not allow you to bypass any queues, and you will still be required to wait with other visitors to see the Crown Jewels. While the Travelcard does offer a distinct savings opportunity, it may not be as lucrative for families with several young children. Because children under the age of 11 ride the train for free but must still have a Travelcard to participate in the 2-4-1 offer, the money spent on buying a ticket they don’t need could quickly outweigh the £9.70 spent to have them admitted to the Tower under the regular admission fee.

The Tower of London is a truly iconic architectural masterpiece. It represents hundreds of years of English heritage and is an interesting place to visit for both British residents and foreign visitors. The 2 for 1 ticket offer is one of many seasonal promotions available to help reduce the price of admission, although it is one of the most beneficial at the vouchers are valid at over 100 other tourist destinations across London. If you’re considering visiting any tourist destination in England’s capitol city, consider researching if it also participates in this outstanding offer.

Tower Of London Special offers – November 2018:

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Get 2FOR1 when you travel by TRAIN to the capital. *not valid: 15 July – 3 September

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