Save up to 40% off – GoDaddy Renewal Coupons Options | October 2018

September 30, 2018

GoDaddy domains just became cheaper- how to get the incredible discounts

GoDaddy is a world renowned hosting service provider. Anyone in need of domain names, hosting services plus other related services can always trust GoDaddy to have a good offer for them. With the increase in availability of internet services, enterprises are making their businesses more accessible through the worldwide web. However, to maintain a business online there are some principles that have to be adhered to. One of these is getting a good host. The web hosting provider you work with can have a great effect on the success of your business.

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Cost of web hosting services

Web hosting services can be awfully costly. It all depends on where you decide to do your shopping anyway. If you work with a company like GoDaddy, the costs might be high but then you have numerous options to get lower prices. This means that you can not only buy domain names at cheap prices but also renew them at even lower prices.

Most recently hosting service providers have been revising their renewal fees. This has seen a hike in the cost of renewing the domain names. In other words you will end up paying more than you would have paid a few years ago. The renewal fees at GoDaddy are in the neighborhood of $15. This might be a bit steep but compared to other top companies this fee is completely negligible.

The fee may be $15 or even higher but then with GoDaddy, there so many ways of getting the fees to be well below $10. The new GoDaddy renewal coupon options have made it possible to access excellent hosting services and purchase domain names at really affordable prices. You do not have to pay half the national debt in the name of buying a domain name- at least not while GoDaddy has such wonderful offers.

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1. Save on popular domains

There are domain names that are awfully popular and these include the .com and .net domains. If you website has any of these, it is then likely to be extremely easy to find. This is probably because people are most likely to add .com or .net at the end of a website name regardless of whether it is or not.

As popular as they may be, the cost you will end up paying for them can be bankrupting. This is perhaps due to the high demand for these domain names. Nonetheless, you can get these domain names at really nice prices.

GoDaddy gives the coupon which is your avenue to cheaper renewal fees for the .com and .net domains. This coupon will give you discounts like no other for renewing your domain name. To be more precise you will get 35% off the renewal fees. This is almost as if you are renewing at half the actual price. Make use of this coupon and you will never find yourself complaining about renewal fees being too high.

Remember, this coupon give the discount only for the renewal of domains ending with .com and .net. There are the other domains such as .org that are not covered. This coupon is for renewal only and not for purchasing the domain names. There are other options that you can employ to buy domain names at throw-away prices.

2. Bulk buying discounts

Who said that you cannot get trade discounts because you have bought your property online? If other online retail stores do not allow such discounts for their sales, GoDaddy does. GoDaddy has some really interesting online auctions for the domains. It is during these auctions that you can access your dream domains- all of them at great prices.

It is just like any other auction online that you will be doing it online and you will be bidding for website domains. People bid and outbid each other like in a real life auction. The only thing that limits people during the auctions is the prohibitive prices but now you can save buy buying in bulk.

Using the coupons you are able to save over $10 on all purchases that over $50. This basically means the more you purchase, the cheaper it becomes. This coupon will come in quite handy during the auctions. You can get that domain name you are looking for be it .com, .net, .info, .co etc.

3. Becoming a member – GoDaddy Discount Domain Club

Being a member of the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club you will be able to access some really wonderful offers with such tremendous ease. Before going any further into the benefits of being a member of this club, it will be good to point out that it is highly convenient for people with many domains.

Can you imagine having ten domains and each of them is being renewed at $14? This means you will end up paying a fee that is not so healthy for your wallet. As a member of the Discount Domain Club you will have access to some incredible discounts on domain renewal. You can pay less than half of the renewal fee if you are member of this club.

Save up to 40% on list price when you renew

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Discount Domain Club is that you do not have to buy a certain minimum in order to access the discounts. In other words, you do not have to buy more than $50 worth of goods in order to get the discounts. There are discounts all day, every day. It gets even better. You do not have to wait for the time when GoDaddy is giving offers or has a sale so that you can save up on domains.

You can save up on everything pertaining to ownership of a domain- purchase of a new domain, renewal and transfer. With membership to the Discount Domain Club you also get free membership to the GoDaddy Auctions. All the domains will come at cheap prices and if the domain you are looking for is already taken, you can always have the experts negotiate with the owner to sell it to you.

Out of all the new GoDaddy renewal coupons options, becoming a member of the Discount Domain Club has to be the best option. It gives you the access you need to a whole lot of things and not just impressive discounts on domain names.

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