RealPlayer Cloud Coupons – February 2018

January 30, 2018

The internet has become a very important tool in the world today when it comes to information sharing . Not only can you call or write to people far away in this global village , you can also share videos and images with them . Software like the Real Player enables you to share and watch videos on your device wherever your location is . The software developers also came up with a new tool , the Real Player Cloud , which , along with its coupons , will be given a detailed look in this article .


The Real Player cloud is a type of storage software for your videos . It enables the user to simultaneously share and watch videos while on the move . It is a very versatile software , available for multiple electronic accessories such as smart phones , tablets , laptops and even television sets .

Moreover , this software enables the people you’re sharing the videos with to watch them on any device and operating system even without having downloaded the Real Player Cloud app . It also automatically adjusts videos to suit your device basing on screen size , device type and its bandwidth . The burden of having to convert videos to different formats , or bringing along HDMI and USB cables has been officially lifted . It supports all major video formats including : FLV , WMV , XVID , AVI , DVIX and MP4

The software also guarantees privacy with whomever you are sharing your videos with . Actually , if all your devices are connected through a wireless network , you can easily download videos from one another . Even more interestingly , this software comes at subsidized monthly rates that would be able to fit any budget .

It supports devices such as Chrome , Roku , Kindle and Android , making your storage procedure even easier . The free space left in the hard drives of your devices helps guarantee faster speed which makes it a fruitful investment .


As earlier mentioned , the real player cloud is a subscription service which is paid monthly . They have three subscription packages namely the : Gold subscription , Silver subscription and Bronze subscription .

Real Player coupons were thus created to provide services to customers at a subsidized price as they provide promotions and discounts on services . To redeem a coupon , you should obviously have a Real Player account . After signing in to the account , you should scroll to the bottom of the page where you will view a link that says Coupons . After clicking the link , you enter your code and then click on the Redeem Coupon button that appears later .

After creating a Real Player account , you get 2GB free cloud storage space for your videos . Having an account helps inform you on promotions and discounts where you get coupons after being a loyal member of the Real Player community . Apart from getting great discounts , you can also win great prizes using the Real Player coupons .

Coupon codes can also be obtained from some trusted sites in the internet . So , nothing should hold you back . Get a Real Player account today so that you can enjoy amazing services at the best prices available .

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