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February 28, 2020

Xel-Ha was the name given by ancient Mayas to this wonderful site located in the heart of Riviera Maya in Mexico. It is a natural paradise for all and is perfect family attraction. In pre-Hispanic times this place served as an inner port and trading center. Pilgrims visited this place and it was also used by sailors as place of shelter. It is said that Mayan Gods together built up this place where natural beauty was in abundance and named this place Xel-Ha which means “where water is born.” To take care of nature and its elements God appointed three guardians who still guard the park and its visitors. These three guardians are the Iguana, the guardian of land, the Pelican, the guardian of air and the Parrotfish, the guardian of water.

This tropical park is ideal for swimming and snorkeling as the water is abundant with colorful fishes and other marine life. You can discover the park either by walking into the arms of the natural beauty or by riding a bicycle and taking advantage of riding in tropical forest or on the mini train and enjoying the beauty of flora and fauna present in great extent. The park also inhibits four restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous meals in the middle of natural habitat. You can also enjoy and have fun by having drinks available at the bar throughout the day. The park is powered with Wi-Fi and has various stores offering souvenirs and other attractive products. They also provide lockers to keep your bags safe and you can pick gears for snorkeling from any of their modules present in the park.

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Xel-Ha offers a large number of tourist attractions. You can unfold underwater mysteries through snorkeling and get a chance to explore new variants of aquatic life. If snorkeling doesn’t excite you then you can go for a tour of the river in an inner tube and simply flow with the clear and refreshing waters. Explore calmness and peace at Xel-Ha caves which leaves you enthralled with its enigmatic experience. the park also include a 5 meter high cliff and you can enjoy the splash in refreshing water by jumping off from the cliff and letting your body and mind lose all its worries.

Get adventurous by having fun crossing the river through ropes and zip-lines across the river. Xel-Ha provides many secretive places where you can relax in peace away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is also home to unforgettable beauty of mangroves and one can enjoy walking through the jungle exploring wildlife and different species of plants. The place is ideal for children too as they offer a special are where children can discover nature in their own way. They can have fun in water while parents can enjoy their time relaxing on hammocks located near to children’s area. Xel-Ha is home to two cenotes which are rich in diverse ecosystem. In all Xel-Ha is a great place to get acquainted with nature and perfect for taking a break from stress and anxiety of city life. Get closer to life by getting closer to nature at Xel-Ha.

Using Xel Ha Coupon Codes

Xel Ha is a naturally occurring aquarium located in Riviera Maya in Mexico. It has been a tourist attraction site since the the 90s because of its fascinating sites. Xel Ha coupons and coupon codes can be redeemed for various amazing activities in Xel Ha.
The area comprises of parks, home rivers, jungle trails, children play centers and mountains that act as recreational centers to tourists who come to visit the place. These coupons can be used together with money to reduce the cost of visiting a particular scenery in Xel Ha. In addition, the coupon codes can also be redeemed to pay fully for a visit to one of these beautiful spots. Xel Ha also contains Automated Machines (ATMs) that are located at the center of the park to enable tourists get easy access to their funds.

Xel Ha coupons can be used in various ways. Visiting the park is one of the uses. Xel Ha offers the best and cheapest comfort to all its tourists. The prices of visiting certain areas can be reduced by the use of coupon codes. Once the code is sent together with the payment to access a certain area, e.g the Park, the price is reduced by a certain percentage, and the amount deducted from the total amount payable by the tourist.

There are also offers on coupons to tourists who bring children to Xel Ha. The prices for children are usually cut by a certain percentage. The coupons and coupon codes can also be used in payment of resting spots in Xel Ha. This applies to families which are spending more than a day at Xel Ha. Xel Ha has amazing features that will make a tourist definitely not want to leave.

Xel Ha is a worldwide known tourist attraction site and gets a high number of visitors every year. They record the highest number during the summer period. This is when the promottion codes and coupons are usually redeemed most. Apart from being used in the parks, there are very many other activities that a person can get access to when you have a Xel Ha promotion coupon or code. There are activities like bike riding, rock and mountain climbing, and also there are swimming events that are held frequently at the naturally occurring rivers in Xel Ha. You will also find bars and restaurants at Xel Ha. They offer breakfast and lunch buffet to the tourists.
At Xel Ha, there are a number of shops that provide necessities like necklaces, bangles and materials that have been made by locals that will remind you of your visit to this magnificent place. The coupons and codes can also be used to get discounted prices when accessing such products or getting services from the bar or restaurant. These coupons and codes are very essential as they can assist a tourist access very many areas at Xel Ha at lower costs.

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