Which of the New York City Passes Is the Best to Buy?

August 30, 2018

It is without a doubt that New York is among the greatest cities in the world. It has it all. Infrastructure, amenities and even tourist attractions all of which are pivotal to its economy. However, it is important to note that touring in New York is not a very pocket friendly affair. To fight off the competition from the other tourist destinations, the city has designed some passes that allow their visitors to get to tour all the important places at bargain. However, the passes are several and all have different packages which can be confusing to most of the tourists since all of the passes have different terms and conditions. Hence the question remains, which of the New York passes is the best to buy.

To begin with, there are four different passes that you can buy in New York. Any of these are an ideal buy but only if the circumstances are right for you.

The City Pass.

The first is the city pass. This is a booklet that has 6 tickets and these tickets are able to grant you entry into some of the top attractions. The tickets that are included in the booklet are viable for only 9 consecutive days from the day that you use the first ticket.

You can but the city pass online or from one of the outlets and you can use it to visit places like he empire state building, the metropolitan museum of art the statue of liberty among other top ranked tourist attractions. The city pass is a great purchase for those that are visiting New York and have a couple of days to be here and would like to move around. This particular pass is not so congested meaning that the user can be able to take time visiting the places that the pass allows for. If you have 9 days of free time and not much to do, then the city pass is the best for you.

Go select New York pass.

With this option, the tourist is able to customize their own pass and get to choose where they want to go. This is a great pass since you know exactly what you want to see and as such you don’t have to worry about paying for places that you want to see. The explorer pass which is yet another option has the same basis and these two are perhaps more preferable for those that don’t have a lot of time but know that they would like to see.

There is no single pass that surpasses all the others as the best. The one that is best for you to buy is dictated by the time you have and the circumstances.

New York Pass.

The other pass that you can buy and perhaps the second most common pass is the New York pass. Unlike the city pass, this one looks like a credit card and offers you access to over 80 different tourist attractions in New York City. You can be able to purchase the card with option of between 1 and 7 days.

The pass starts counting the moment that you swipe it on your first. The pass works on a calendar day basis and not a 24 hour basis. It is also worth noting that it is only ideal for those that have a lot of time in the hands. However, even with 7 whole days, one will be able to visit all the tourist attractions. However. For any tourist that wants a touring intensive package, this could be a great buy.

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