Get 55% off – Go San Diego card coupon | September 2018

August 30, 2018


Of all of California’s tourist attractions, San Diego happens to have the most highly priced attractions making the option to have a Go San Diego Card and excellent idea. With this card you will have an exciting time visiting the most famous of San Diego’s attractions at a discounted price. Procuring a Go Card is very simple as you can buy one at the attraction box offices or on their website. The card is delivered to your e-mail, smart phone or even by postal mail. You need, however, to have planned ahead of the purchase for all the attractions you want to visit as the card expires on 31st December of the year after which it was purchased regardless whether it was used or not. Although one can receive a full refund of their money for a whole year after buying the card, it is wiser to have planned your trip first before getting the card.

The Go San Diego card is available in 1,2,3, 4,5 and 7 day increments and grants visitors admission to each and every attraction that is inclusive. There are total of 55 attractions to which visitors can go to for the most memorable experience of a lifetime. The most popular destinations include museums, the San Diego zoo and harbor excursions just to mention but a few. The card is activated on the very first day the owner uses it and following its activation must be used on consecutive days. There are no refunds or extensions if one skips a day for one reason or other. Enjoy discounted prices at numerous restaurants and area shops for the ultimate San Diego experience.

Save up to 55% of your budget by simply presenting your card at the ticket windows of any attraction and you’re in within a minutes! Some attractions even offer the multi-day pass which makes the whole experience exciting and worthwhile. You will save so much money by purchasing the 3 to 5 day card for a memorable tour to big ticket attractions like Legoland, the Safari Park or Sea World. Alternatively, you can get yourself the same card but plan to visit 3 or 4 attractions daily. Be realistic however about the number of attractions you’d want to visit daily as some people tend to visit fewer attractions than they had anticipated. This could be due to factors like the distance from one attraction to another in which case if the distance is big, more time is wasted. It is wise also not to crowd your schedule so much that you fail to take enough time at each attraction and enjoy what it has to offer.

It is important to know that Go San Diego Cards are irreplaceable and non-refundable in case one loses theirs or forgets to carry it with them to the trip. A tourist also needs to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the destination they plan to visit as it is requisite to make reservations before visiting some of them. This goes a long way to avoiding disappointments that would otherwise ruin the entire trip which you’ve probably planned for years.

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