Big Bus Tours Shanghai promotion codes | October 2018

September 30, 2018

Big Bus Tours Shanghai promotion codes and tours

Gone are the days when you would feel cheated after your vacation because you wish you got to see more and or do more. I don’t mean increasing the amount of days you are on vacation for, or planning rigorously months ahead, no, actually, the complete opposite courtesy of big bus tours. A big bus tour ensures that you get the very best and get to see as much as you can of a city in the least possible time. This does not mean hurrying you through sites at rocket speed, on the contrary, big bus tours combines the convenience of letting you relax as they do all the planning and offers you the convenience of letting you choose your own itinerary that you will see through at your own pace.

Shanghai is China’s largest city and one of the most beautiful in the world. It is only fitting that you tour such a picturistic city with grace and ease at a pace that lets you enjoy all that there is to enjoy. Just as the name suggests, Big Bus tours, takes you around beautiful Shanghai upon a beautifully designed big bus that is carefully driven and totally safe. The veteran tour guides follows a series of streets that ensure you get to see everything and anything you have ever wanted to.

Upon purchase of a big bus ticket you get to sample on Shanghai’s heritage, culture and cuisine as you travel on one of three tour routes; green, blue or red route. The red route (city tour) is the longest and has the most to see as it passes through not one, not two but three shanghai districts. You get to feast your eyes on famous sites such as the Jade Budha temple, Jing an temple and historical sites such as the Xin Tian Di old restored houses. This gives you in depth knowledge of Shanghai’s culture and heritage. The city tour will also have you marveling at the superb architecture of Shanghai’s skyline and the lushness of some of the city’s spaces that are set aside for green spaces like the Yu garden. The Blue route (Pudong tour) lets you see new Shanghai’ in all its glory through the Pudong area where you will see iconic buildings like the Oriental Pearl Television Towers and that’s not all as the Jin Mao tower and World Financial Towers will also be close enough to take a picture as you gasp at their height and architectural brilliance. This tour might be the best to help you get over your fear of heights ,if you have one, as it leads on to the world famous Nanpu Bridge where you get a view of the streets and town, panorama style. The green route(temple tour ) is equally captivating as you get to experience how it really feels to live in Shanghai and what better way to do this than to visit the locals places of worship; Jade Buddha temples and the Jing an Temple. The tour then leads on to the Shanghai museum making this one of the best routes for anyone who wants to indulge in Shanghai’s rich history. Another prime visiting location is the Madame Tussaud’s in Shanghai. You will have joined a list of powerful and famous people who have visited this main attraction in Shanghai city.

The hop on and hop off feature makes the big bus tours the only way anyone should tour Shanghai as you are not restricted to certain sites that may not interest you and you have the added advantage of sitting back, relaxing and being chauffeured around without struggling with a map and wasting time because you are lost. The ticket is inclusive of an onboard commentary that ensures you know exactly what the tour entails and the icing on the cake is that the commentary is in eight different languages; English, Mandarin, Korean , Japanese, French, German ,Spanish and Russian. The commentary is informative and ensures that you get to listen to the city’s rich history and learn the significance of the iconic sites that you will meet along the tour. What’s more is that the time intervals are set at intervals that are extremely convenient and you wouldn’t have to be in one place for too long or have to hurry in order to not miss a bus.

The ticket validity feature brings with it unparalleled flexibility as you can hop off and back then back off any number of times that you please during the validity of the ticket. This means that you can shop till you drop along the Nanjing and or Hua Hai roads if that is what you have always wanted to do during a visit to Shanghai or hop off at the shanghai museum and enjoy the rich history hidden behind brick and mortar at this designated hop off point. And if the Huangpu river cruise is something that you have always wanted to cross off your bucket list then this is your chance. There are over twenty designated hop on and hop of points throughout Shanghai and this means there is something for everyone on the big bus tour.

Big bus tours shanghai promotion codes sees to it that you can have the time of your life without breaking the bank or spending more than you can afford. All you need to do is access the unique voucher codes available online and then head on over to www.bigbus.co.uk , which is the official big bus website to book a big bus tour. It is important to note that the voucher does have an expiry date and so it is important that you book as soon as possible to enjoy great discounts and the beauty of iconic sites such as the waterfront and the famous peoples square in Shanghai.

Round up all your friends, colleagues or relatives and Book a big bus ticket and make an already perfect trip to the most beautiful and culture rich city in all of china even better and one that you will be talking about for a very long time.

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