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September 30, 2018

1and1 Coupon Codes and Procedures

1and1 is a hosting company that over the time has been hit by some hard times. However, they have managed to stay afloat and still afford their customer great services that are able to give them value for money. However, no matter how well companies try to package the deals that they have to offer, it is evident that they could do more the deal sweeter and attract more clients. In its defense, 1and1 has a number of coupon codes available. The only problem is that these are meant for first timers and those that would love to make a switch and go to another package. But what if you would like to go stay on the same plan? How would you renew it without incurring heavy costs? While they don’t have renewal coupons as yet, there are ways that you could use to get a better experience as you renew your hosting plan with 1and1.

The first thing that you need to do make sure that you are able to renew your package with this hosting company is have your details with you. This will include an email address and a password that logs you into your account with them. Having this is vital but in the event that you forget either of them, you will be able to get the best possible help from their customer service.

Ideally there is an invoice that you’re likely to receive a few days before your current offer expires. This is meant to alert you of the cost that you’re expected to pay if you would like to stay with the same service. Every single cost that you’re expected to pay is reflected on the invoice and this is a great place for you to start while considering about your next move.

There are two windows within which you should be able to get the payments done both for yours and the company’s convenience and also to make sure that you don’t end up paying more in terms of fines and penalties. You may also have to pay more in the event that the time has passed and you’re paying late. It is the way in which companies motivate their clients to make timely payments.

The first window of opportunity that you have to pay for your renewal is within the last five days before your current contract expires. This ensures that you’re not disconnected and business for you continues flawlessly. This is also a great window as at times it may come with a discount. After your account has expired, the company will usually give you a grace period of 10 days to allow you make your mind. To avoid paying any penalties, it is advised that if you intend to remain with the same hosting company, you make your payments in this time frame. However, in this case it is rare that you’re eligible for any discounts that the company might be having.

Once you have made the payments, you can then expect the company to send you a confirmation of the same and you services will continue as normal. On the other hand you could activate automatic renewal which is more stress free and timely though you have to have money in your account for this to work.

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