Handybook promo code – September 2018

August 30, 2018

Handybook, your trusted cleaning partner

We all love quality services and reliability. That stated, when you need to order a professional home cleaner, Handybook is your destination. Whether you are looking for a handyman or a home cleaner, if your need is to deploy a trustworthy and reliable person, Handybook will be your greatest partner. Nothing is too big or too small for them in handling your home cleaning needs.
This service was founded by Umand Dua and Oisin in 2012. Just with the tap of your iPhone, you can hire a handyman, plumber or home cleaner. With over 50 employees and innumerable freelancers who have the ability to complete over 10, 000 jobs in a period of one month, this is a brand that means business. Although it is based in New York, the company is currently operating in 13 other cities and more offices will be opening in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. After buying Exec, the west coast cleaning business in January, the growth of the company that was already of the roofs is expected to soar higher.

Most people have associated cleaning agencies with complicated, shady, sketchy and unreliable services. However, Handybook brings you a different story. With their simple app and website, you are bound to face no complications. All you have to do is to enter your zip code, feed in the rooms that require cleaning, specify the start time and you are given a price quote. If you are comfortable with the price, your card is charged. With this kind of service, the worry of carrying around stacks of cash is eliminated. Both the customer and the cleaner will have no qualms about being overcharged or underpaid respectively. Isn’t that convenient?

Quality is Handybook’s most treasured asset. Why say so? The stated fact is clear from how the company screens its freelancers. Nothing is left unchecked in the rigorous background checks, in-person interviews and references. Some reviewers even claim it is hard to get into handybook than it is for Harvard! That is serious; and it is not a bluff. That how committed handybook is to offering the best services. Here is another surprising fact: Handybook offers a money back guarantee if you don’t get satisfied with their work and covers any damages by their employees. Isn’t that a company you want to work with?

It is an epitome of how a modern home maintenance company should look like. A superlative like “incredible” may not fully describe the quality of their services. And there is still more to their story.

It has never been this easy to book a home cleaner. Apart from being easy and offering quality services, Handybook gives you a chance to save. How does that happen? Taking advantage of a Handybook promo code or the Handybook coupons does the magic. With this offer, you can get yourself the top notch services at the best prices. The offers are different, therefore you can get a plan that suits your needs. A professional who is experienced, friendly, insured and has gone through a thorough background check is always there to help you in your time of need. Just click your mouse, viola! You have the top standard cleaners.

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