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September 30, 2018

Ladies all over the world love fashion. There are clothes for every occasion in various colors and fabrics. They are also available in various sizes. Traditionally, fashion has favored slim, petite ladies. This left those with a full figure with almost nothing to choose from. Thankfully, Kiyonna came along to sort out this growing issue. This is a brand that stocks amazing fashion for full figured ladies. Their racks are well stocked throughout the year and full-figured women cannot miss an outfit in this store. The prices are very affordable so that every lady with curves can enjoy the latest fashion outfits.

To make the deal sweeter, Kiyonna holds special promotions on the Internet and various times of the year. There are offers on various items of clothing and also discounts on shipping rates to different destinations all over the world. Thus, full-figured ladies across the globe can enjoy high fashion dresses, t-shirts, pants, jackets and tops from Kiyonna. There are outfits that are great for a night out on the town while others are elegant and chic for going to cocktail parties. The Kiyonna company website is always being updated with the latest fashion. They have hundreds of designer brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Diana von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen and even Zara. Simple get online and buy these amazing clothes using kiyonna coupons. You can enjoy up to 20% off the sticker price of an outfit. This makes their clothes high quality and highly convenient to your budget. If you are full-figured lady looking to dress like Alicia Keys, Madonna or Beyonce, Kiyonna is the store to visit. Read on to learn about some of their amazing coupon discounts.

Discounts on orders of $150 and above

Sometimes you want to simply spoil yourself. You want to buy yourself a pair of nice pants or that amazing jacket you saw Jessica Simpson wearing. Guess what? You can get it at Kiyonna’s online store! It will definitely cost more than $150. don’t worry, you can cut this price down by up to 20% when you use a special coupon code. Plus, you get to enjoy free shipping to your location. To enjoy this amazing discount, simply enter WINTER2015 as your coupon code as you check out. It is valid for any orders worth more than $150. you will get a 20% discount and free shipping right to your house.

Enjoy an amazing 20% discount

Nothing feels better than binge shopping. Simply going to the store and buying whatever catches your attention. At Kiyonna online store, you can do the same from the comfort of your home. Browse through their impressive collection of tops, pants, dresses, and jackets. You will be wowed and amazed by their variety. There is something for everyone at this amazing online store. The best part is that you can buy any of these items at a 20% discount! All that you have to do is use a coupon code. Simply enter EXTRA20 in the coupon code box as you check out of their online store. This will slash 205 off the total cost of your order! Its easy, its efficient and its great for your purse! Get online now and enjoy this offer. It expires on 28th November 2015 so hurry hurry hurry!

20% off for simply subscribing

Kiyonna clothing store is gearing to change your life! Kiyonna clothing is ideal if you are plus size and you want clothes that are stylish, hot and most importantly, they fit properly. Thy have a wide selection of fashion items for you. They have boleros, pants, skirts, tops, tights and even gowns for full-figured ladies. Whats more, their discounts are unbelievable. You can earn a 20% discount on Kiyonna clothing if you simply subscribe to their email alerts. Its that easy! Simply enter your email address and sign up to their alerts. You will get the latest offers on fashion items from Kiyonna and enjoy their wide selection at amazing prices. This offer does not require you to use a code. When you shop in their online store, they will automatically recognize you and award you with a 205 discount. What are you waiting for, go ahead and subscribe!

Offers and discounts for loyal customers

Companies rarely care about their customers the way that Kiyonna is willing to care for you. They know that without you they would not be as successful as they are. They are willing to spend money just to keep you smiling and spend they have. They have an offer that is specially made for their customers, old and new. When you sign up for updates on offers that they have, you immediately get 20% off your orders! This is an amazing deal brought to your courtesy of Kiyonna clothing store. You can simply sign up to receive their coupons as soon as they come out. After this, you are added to a list of customers who can enjoy a 20% discount whenever they shop. Get online and sign up now!

No shipping costs for USA residents

One of the biggest gripes about shopping online is the shipping fees. They take the sweetness out of that amazing bargain that you scored online. These costs can run from tens to hundreds of dollars. They can even dilute the sweet discount you had found. For most online shoppers, this is a necessary evil. However, if you are shopping on Kiyonna online clothing store and you live in the USA, you never have to worry about shipping costs. This is because Kiyonna online store is currently running an amazing offer where there are absolutely no shipping costs for domestic deliveries. Thats right. If you live in the US, simply shop on Kiyonna online clothing shop and your orders will be delivered to your doorstep for free.

It doesn’t not matter if you spend $50 or $1,000. you will not pay a single red cent for shipping costs. This superb offer does not need a coupon code so as to be effective. Any American resident shopping on this amazing online store can benefit from it. The offer runs until 23rd of November 2015. Simple get online now from your American residence and shop for full-figure ladies’ fashion.

Kiyonna Coupons Special offers – October 2018:

20% off orders of $150 or more

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