5€/day – Firefly car rental discount code – September 2018

August 30, 2018

Being able to get around conveniently and efficiently is very essential. Not only for the purpose of getting to your destination in time but also for the sake of making money or getting value for the same. This is more so the case for tourist and people that are visiting new places. It may not be a good idea for you to buy a car that you will only be able to use for a short period of time. It does not make financial sense. However, companies like Firefly Car rentals have positioned themselves to be able to offer car rental services to individuals and tourists alike to make their plight of getting from one place to another more pleasant. As much as they offer affordable rates on their car rentals, there are a number of coupon codes that you can use to be able to get even more for less.

One of the coupon codes that has been used by many and is still preferred by a multitude of the same is one that offers you a free fourth day when you book any economy through full size car and rent the car for three days. That means you get to use the car for another day absolutely free.

Alternatively, there is also another coupon code that you can use in the event that you’re not happy with the class of the car that you have selected. Instead of being charged to get onto another class, you can simply use this coupon code and you will be able to get your preferred class without having to pay a cent. That way, you get to save more and still get the car that you want to get around.

Are you a weekend person and you would like to get around in the cheapest way possible with the most trusted name in the car rental industry? Well this is also possible with Firefly Car Rental’s 5% off coupon code for those that rent the cars on the weekends. More fun for you with the lowest price possible that is even brought further down with this coupon code. There is also another coupon code that offers the customer a 15% off on the price of renting the car. However, this particular code is not very common but if you get your hands on one, you can be grooving through the weekend while still saving a lot.

For those that might want to secure the services of the car on a weekly basis, there is also a coupon code that may make this worth your while. Even if you wanted the car for a couple of days, this 5% off on the car rental can be a good incentive to push you to get more for less and get to do more with the car for a week.

If you’re the daily rental type of person, there is also another way you can also get to enjoy the benefits of the service by going for the coupon code that allows you to get your rentals for as low as $13 per day. That way you get to rent the car as per your terms and still get a good deal on the same.

With such a wide variety of coupon codes, every one of their customers is well taken care of to make sure that they not only get the best services but also the best prices.

Firefly car rental Special offers – September 2018:

Spain from 5€/day

France from 35€/day

Italy from 27€/day

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