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November 30, 2017

El Al Israel Airlines is a flag carrier of the country Israel and it is the largest airline in the country. El Al Israel Air operations are based at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. It operates regular international flights to more than 45 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and domestic connections to Eilat. In the US, the airline flies to Los Angeles, John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Chicago and Newark. Other international destinations include Instabul, Geneva, Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona, Bangkok, Athens, St Petersburb, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow and Amsterdam.

With an El Al frequent flyer program Matmid, members can get points every time they fly to Israel on El Al Israel flight or on their partner airlines. The points accumulated entitle a member to flight upgrades, bonus tickets as well as discounts on hotel stays, car rentals among other products and services.

When travelling with El Al Israel flights, you can choose between business class, premium class and economy class.

The business class passengers are treated with limousine service to the airport, a dedicated check in counter and seats that recline flat. These renovated seats offer a bed like comfort allowing you to sleep comfortably while on board and arrive at your destination fully rested. Also, the business class passengers get to enjoy individualized inflight entertainment offered by VIDIBOX. It provides a plethora of TV series, movies, games, sports programs, travel and food channels and a wide collection of CDs to choose from. A selection of Israel wines and breakfast service is also provided when flying in business class.

Premium class passengers on the other hand enjoy a calm atmosphere in the airport lounge or they can savor the drinks and snacks provided onboard. Some of El Al airline lounges are equipped with free internet access.

In the economy class, passengers have extra leg room on long flights and they are provided with drinks and snacks when they wish.

With all these amazing services, flying with El Al Israel is definitely an unforgettable experience.

When making your next travel arrangements, be sure to include Israel. You can visit this Middle Eastern country for personal reasons, religious or even business. There are so many sights to explore. Even better, when you use El Al airlines, you can make big savings of up to $100 thanks to El Al airlines coupon. Here are some of the places in Israel where you can visit and save with El Al airlines and get massive discounts.


As a Christian, you would not be able to forgive yourself if you did not visit this town and for a good reason, it is where Jesus. There are so many unforgettable sights to see in this small town such as Rachel’s tomb, the church of Nativity and the shepherd’s field and still make it back for lunch to Jerusalem. Most sights are contained in Bethlehem’s Old City which makes sightseeing easier.

Travelling with El Al airlines will help you save up to $55 for four people. You will be provided with transport to and from your hotel as well as local Palestine as a tour guide.

Masada tour

With El Al Masada and Dead Sea tour, you will pass through Jerusalem and the Judean Desert which has formed a background of so many historical events.

You also visit Masada where you get to ride on the cable car ride from the top of Mt. Masada. This give you a clear view of the Dead Sea as well as the whole surrounding including the amazing engineering efforts it has taken to build it.

You also get to see the remains of Masada fortress including the synagogues, buildings, public areas, homes and the bath houses. Next, is the Dead Sea where you will enjoy its much talked about therapeutic benefits.

El Al airlines coupons provides you with transportations to and from the hotel, a bilingual licensed tour guide, entrance fee to Neve Midbar Dead Sea Beach as well as the entrance fee to Masada National Park and the two way cable car charges. In return, you will save up to $45 for 4 people.

Other places to places to visit in Israel and make big savings with El Al coupons include:

· Kotel Tunnel tour

· I am Jerusalem Multi Medea show

· Tel Aviv Bauhaus tour

· Night Spectacular show tower of David museum

· The holy jeep desert private tour

· Segway tour Tel Aviv

· Bethlehem private half day

· Jerusalem Old city-Half day tour

Sign up for El Al airlines and benefit from the massive discounts as you tour major cities worldwide.

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